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About Stauderfish

The early cannabis landscape was frought with uncertainty, risk, fluctuating regulations and unreliable prices. Then, the intracacies of licensed, compliant cannabis cultivation, extraction, product manufacturing and retail operations were unearthed by folks operating in commercial settings for the first time. I was one of these folks, learning those lessons with actual business health on the line.

I cut my teeth in dispensaries throughout the early 2010’s, expanding from two to eight licenses. Then, I brought Rocky Mountain Green Inc. from a fledgling start-up dream without a home to an award-winning cannabis company before acquisition, with a 100% customized cultivation and extraction facility that was host to State of Colorado and Boulder County department training sessions as a flagship commercial cannabis operation.

My name is Jordan Stauder, and I founded Stauderfish on April 20th, 2018 after several partners in the industry requested assistance who launched their own licensed cannabis operations. This is where I discovered my passion to help others in the cannabis community and embark upon a path toward a successful future. It's my pleasure to not only show you how to build the ship of your dreams, but how to sail it.